Alice in her own words...

“From the very first gold medal I won in 1939, my momma used to stress being humble. You're no better than anyone else. The people you pass on the ladder will be the same people you'll be with when the ladder comes down.”
— Alice to New York Times, April 27, 1995

“You have to have some guts if you want to get somewhere. You can't just give up. You have to go on and on and on.”
— Alice to The Denver Post, June 27, 2004

“When the going gets tough and you feel like throwing your hands in the air, listen to that voice that tells you 'Keep going. Hang in there.' Guts and determination will pull you through.”
— Alice to The New York Times, April 27, 1995

“The [high jump] pits they have now — I could sleep in them.” 
— Alice to Newsday, May 6, 1996

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