BUCKLE-UP and Fly with Ruth Law!

Start Your Engines

  • With your mechanic by the propeller, keep your right foot on the brake and call out “switch off” to let the mechanic know the power is off.
  • Your mechanic throws the propeller through a few revolutions to charge the engine.
  • Turn on the engine switch and call out “brakes set,” “throttle closed,” “switch on.”
  • The mechanic replies, “contact” to show you he knows the engine is now armed and dangerous. He then throws the propeller to start it.

It’s Time for Takeoff

  • Step down on the throttle. The plane slowly gains speed. Pull back on the left lever to takeoff!
  • You are climbing higher and higher.  Use your right lever to balance the plane.  Ease forward on your left lever to stop climbing. At 2,000 feet, the buildings below look like little Legos!

Perform Aerial Tricks

  • Now get ready to turn to the left. Push forward on the right lever at the same time as you bend the auxiliary lever to the left.  Pull back on the left lever as needed to keep the nose of your plane straight and level. You’re banking--tilting and turning left!
  • How about trying an upside-down loop? Straighten up your plane. With the throttle all the way down for maximum speed, push forward on the left lever to dive down. Now that’s a belly-whopper!
  • Pull back on the left lever to climb straight up. When you are almost upside down, be careful not to pull back the stick too far or you will lose speed and end up in a tailspin!
  •  As you come out of the loop ease up on the throttle and straighten out the plane using all three control levers.

Come in for a Landing

  • Push the left lever forward gradually and keep the plane balanced as you approach the ground. Ease off the throttle and when the wheels are on the ground, take your foot off the throttle and step down on the brake pedal.
  • Congratulations on a safe landing! 

Next time would you like to try a spiral dive or the dip of death?