Kathryn's Favorites

Baseball team:  New York Yankees


Baseball player:  When I was a child, I loved Joe DiMaggio. More recently--Derek Jeter.  I met him down in the locker room on my way to the dugout to throw out my pitch! 

Current player:  Aaron Judge. He is such gentle person, just like Derek Jeter.

Baseball position: first base

Dinner:  As I child I loved chicken or steak. Now I love scallops and asparagus.

Dessert:  vanilla or pecan ice cream

Movie:  I love the cowboy movies with Roy Rogers and Gene Autry.  I named my scooter Trigger after Roy Roger's horse!

Childhood book: Little Red Riding Hood

Childhood memory: Mary, Tom, and I found a stray chicken in a nearby alley and took it home. We dressed it in my doll clothes.

What I loved about my mom: My mom was the most generous and caring woman with the highest integrity. We had very little money when I was young, and one day when a homeless man came to our door and asked for work, Mom had him come in. She gave him soup and a sandwich, a pair of Dad's shoes, and the only money she had which was a 10 dollar bill. Another time when I was in kindergarten, I took 5 pennies off my teacher's desk and took it home to give to my mother. She asked where I got it, and I told her that I took it off miss  "Turdy's" desk (I could not pronounce "Sturdy," which was her name). Mom and I walked back to the school, and I gave my teacher the 5 pennies back and told her how sorry I was.

What I loved most about my dad: Dad was always willing to play ball with me. He took us ice skating and insisted that we knew how to swim because his mom nearly drowned one time. He told me that he never felt loved as his parents both died when he was only 16. He said his parents sent him to private schools and then to Culver Military Academy and that he never felt close to them. He played a much different role as a dad.